Oracle Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension

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Sample Applications


Sample applications are packaged in the SDK. You can build the samples and deploy them to a Java Cloud Service instance - SaaS Extension.

How to Build the Samples

Before you can build the samples, you need Apache Ant (1.7) installed and configured on your machine. Then perform these steps:

  • Unzip the SDK and set the SDK_HOME environment variable to point to the unzipped directory.
    For example: export SDK_HOME=/Users/velsubra/Desktop/work/sdk/oracle-javacloud-sdk
  • cd $SDK_HOME/samples
  • Edit
  • To build all the samples and install them:
    • ant clean build install
  • To build a single sample:
    • cd
    • ant clean build install

Available Ant Targets in the build.xml File

There are various Ant targets that you can use against the samples.

  • clean
  • build
  • delete
  • start
  • stop
  • update
  • list-applications
  • list-jobs
  • list-service-instances

To build a Maven sample, click here.

Available Samples

S.NO Sample Name Sample Directory Description Technologies Used
1 greeting-sso security/greeting-sso Checks if the user has access to a servlet. Servlet, SSO authentication and Role based authorization.
2 greeting-basic-auth security/greeting-basic-auth Checks if the user has access to a servlet. Servlet, BASIC Authentication and Role based authorization.
3 greeting-form-auth security/greeting-form-auth Checks if the user has access to a servlet. Servlet, FORM Based Authentication and Role based authorization.
4 sso-advanced security/sso-advanced Demonstrates public accessibility of an application. This application has the following web modules.
  • sso-fully-secured - A WAR in which all the resources are secured.
  • sso-unsecured - A WAR in which all the resources are public. An application has to explicitly opt out of the default security.
  • sso-partially-secured - A WAR in which selected section of the resources are secured.
  • sso-perimeter-security - A WAR without any security configuration specified. The application is not accessible to public. This is the default security posture to prevent the application from being unintentionally publicly accessible.
5 wss-unt webservices/wss-unt A WSS-Username token protected web service that has two methods, hello and callHello, to demonstrate inbound(hello) and outbound(callHello) invocations. WebService, WebService Client and OWSM
6 wss-saml webservices/wss-saml A WSS-SAML token protected web service which has an operation called hello. The access to web service is granted by a basic authentication which generates saml token. WebService, WebService Security, SAML
7 ajaxguessnumber ee6/ajaxguessnumber A simple JSF-based application. JSF2.0, AJAX
8 guessnumber ee6/guessnumber A simple managed bean-based application. ManagedBean and Facelets
9 bookstore1 ee5/bookstore1 A Java EE 5 bookstore application. Servlet, JPA
10 petstore petstore Java EE petstore application. Java EE technologies.
11 db db/visitors Performs Database CRUD operations. JPA
12 date date Shows date in different languages. i18n
13 runtime-tester maven/runt-timetester A Maven project that tests whether Java code runs on Oracle Cloud. Maven, Run-time testing
14 mvn-logger maven/mvn-logger A Maven project that demonstrates JDK-based logging. Maven, JDK logging
15 filebrowser maven/filebrowser A Maven project that shows file access through API. Maven, Local File System Access
16 messagedrivenbean maven/messagedrivenbean A Maven project that creates message-driven beans that use the local JMS configuration. Maven, Message-driven bean